Above ALL treat others with respect.


Family Friendly Policy
Maximus Health + Fitness is family-friendly organization. Our facility, programs, events and tours are designed to educate and promote health and wellness as a lifestyle. We request that all persons (both member & non-member) respect other patrons by being discrete in their attire, actions and language. Maximus Health + Fitness does not and will not condone use of illegal substances, discriminatory practices, or abusive behavior within its properties or during any of its many public events.  Violation of this policy may result in membership termination without refund.

Members must enter and exit through the entrance located in the rear of the building, by the front desk/check-in counter.

Be aware and respect other members.

  • Do not interrupt another member in the middle of a set.
  • Avoid walking in front of another member during a set if possible.
  • No profane language. You’re in a public area.
  • Be aware of how loud you are singing/reciting your music.
  • Be mindful of Cellphone use.
  • Don’t make fun of any member for any reason.

Gym attire & Sneakers ONLY please. No open-toe foot wear, crocks, Boots of any kind, Jeans, etc.


NO BAGS on the gym floor. Keep bags locked in lockers.

Share machines (when possible) with other members by work-in with them between sets. Don’t completely tie up 2 pieces of equipment at once. Work-in with other members.

Treat equipment and facility with respect.

  • Re-rack weights and replace items after each use.
  • Do not SLAM weights. Be mindful when releasing weights. Control the weight when dropped.
  • Do NOT LEAN weights against walls, pillars, or mirrors.

Refrain from doing anything other than SQUATTING in the SQUAT Rack.

Practice good hygiene and be aware, you’re sharing an enclosed area with other people. Members must be courteous and aware to keep it pleasurable for everyone.

Refrain from walking around the locker room naked. This makes other members uncomfortable and detracts from the atmosphere we developed.

Do not offer unsolicited advice.

No loitering

Tell instructor before class if you’re new, have an injury or know they’ll have the class performing exercises you can’t do.

Maximus Heath + Fitness reserves the right to revoke any membership at any time for any reason. If issues causing the potential revocation cannot be resolved, refund will be issued and membership revoked. Refund amount will vary from situation to situation.