We have received from NYS and the county Department of Health the detailed protocols and inspection requirements for our reopening (many, many dense pages worth).  Most of them we anticipated and already have in place.  There are a few additional items on the list that we’ll be able to get set up within a few days.

The main timing issue for our reopening is when we can get our club reporting, management, and billing system back online.  The company that provides this system to us is backed up due to the thousands of gyms all across the state trying to reopen at the same time after Cuomo made his surprise announcement.  We will open the gym whether or not the billing system is fully in place, but we can’t open until we have the reporting system available to us for tracking check-ins and check-outs in order to comply with the state’s capacity limits and contact tracing requirements.  In terms of an actual opening date, a realistic expectation is hopefully sometime during the week of August 31st, with a chance it could slip to the week after that.  We should be able to provide a definitive date sometime next week.

Next week we will also post a summary of the protocols that will be in effect when we reopen.  As you would imagine, things will be a bit different, but we’ll all make the best of it.